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  Photos of the outside in daylight, living areas, kitchen, dining areas, bedrooms and bathrooms as is.  Total of 8 edited images. $190

The Highlights

  Photos of the outside in daylight, living areas, kitchen, dining areas, bedrooms and bathrooms.  Backyard and hot tub photos. Total of 15 edited images.  I'll do simple staging if necessary like smoothing beds, fluffing or arranging towels, clearing  counter top clutter. $200

The Whole Experience

 Photos of every room up to 3,000 square feet.  Exterior shots of front and back yards in daylight and front exterior at twilight.  Simple staging such as moving things off counters, moving chairs or cleaning surfaces as necessary.  Shots of unique details. Shots showing the connections between rooms to clearly translate the flow of the house.  Total of 25 edited images. $250.00

Homes over 3,000 square feet described as above. 35-50 edited images as necessary.  $275.00

Twilight Alone



Subtle HD

  The heavy HD shots are not my style but a light HD can bring definition and clarity to a room. $50.00 per shoot.

Drone Photography

I've completed my part 107.   $50


   Slideshow that shows room relationships clearly with background music and title pages.  $100


  Walk-throughs highlight the flow of the house and give the viewer a complete understanding of the layout.  This can be particularly important when someone is doing a short term rental and may want to know if there are separate areas for the children or multiple families.

Photo Walk-thru $75

360 Walk-thru $150


   I am located  in South Seattle and charge .25 per mile for travel outside of a 10 mile radius.  If I am traveling to another state this can be negotiable and, perhaps, traded for stay.



Real Estate



Phone: 206.383.9226


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